We hope you find this page informative and helpful to you as you get ready to participate in Hike for Hospice!

Note: new resources will continue to be added as they become available.


Want to illustrate Hospice Peterborough's impact with some stats? How about...


EasyPledge Tutorials:

Registering as an individual or with a team:

Creating a Participant Profile:


How to Sponsor/Support a Participant:


How to Get Creative with Virtual Fundraising: Some Ideas

  • Encourage donations through EasyPledge to minimize interactions with cash and currency
  • Challenge a family member or other team to a friendly competition (could be most KM walked by team, most funds raised, average amount raised per team member) and have a reward for the winning team
  • Find a supporter who is willing to match your pledges (up to a certain amount) and tell people their gifts will have twice the impact by being matched
  • Stay in contact with those who you are trying to get support from. Send email updates when you hit a milestone!


Day of Reflection with Sheila Bourgeois


Hajni Hos takes us for a walk around her farm, and encourages others to get out and support Hike this year!



A few teams share why they are participating in Hike for Hospice...