Our goal: $40,000.00
Total raised this year: $42,432.00

We are at 106.1% of our goal!

  Community Leader Board


Participant Amount
Hajni Hos$5335.00
Linda and Ken Sunderland$1650.00
Nancy Moloney$1550.00
Aimee O'Reilly$1475.00
Christine Mackey$1400.00
Angela VandenBroek$1390.00
Mary Blair$1375.00
Elizabeth Mallory $1250.00
Robert Campbell$1200.00
Denise Beaulne$1025.00
Shelley and Tim Barrie$950.00
MICHELE Cavanagh$800.00
alison casey$760.00
Elizabeth Bower-Gordon $730.00
Stacey Cruise$700.00
Mike Bowser$700.00
Heather Eatson$675.00
Susan Pettersone$650.00
El Low$625.00
Lynn Galeazza$620.00

Top Teams

Team Amount
Heart and Sole$10655.00
Team Boardwalk$5850.00
Tecasy Ranch Hikers$4250.00
Hiking Chicks$1660.00
Paddy’s Paddlers $1650.00
Queen E. Moms$1600.00
Compasstionate Crew$910.00
Team Eddie$525.00
Team Hikers$500.00
Hike for Hospice "Get Your Sparkle On"$345.00
603 Running Team$80.00


Join Us!

During this difficult time, the familiar ways of coping with grief, and supporting those grieving, have been taken away. A comforting touch or hug is no longer an option. The ceremonies of a funeral and loved ones gathering is no longer possible in the same way.

This year we invite those who are looking for a way to honour their loved ones to participate and use the Virtual Hike for Hospice to pay tribute to those they have loved and lost.

We also invite those who are able, to help us continue to help those in the community who are at the end of life, facing a life-threatening illness, and who are grieving through participating in the Hike for Hospice and raising funds to continue this life-changing work, like we have throughout COVID-19.



You can sign up as an individualregister a team, or join a team! Personalize your profile and let you friends and family know you are participating.