Welcome to the Polar Plunge for BEL Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Bridgenorth-Ennismore-Lakefield

Welcome to the BEL Rotary 40th Annual Polar Plunge Donation Site

Planning on taking the Plunge for your charity of choice on February 2nd? This site will allow you to easily register your team and plungers, track your pledges and meet any goal you set. 

Over the past 39 years we have raised hundreds of thosands of dollars for for charities and local organizations. Please join us in Ennismore and support your community.

This website has been set up to allow easy team and individual registrations so please click on the links above and let's ge plunging!

Is your Charity of choice not listed? Send a email to our Rotary Club and they will be added. 

Plunge registration opens at 12pm on the 2nd with the plunge taking place at 2pm sharp. We recommend all plungers get to the site closer to noon to avoid the traffic congestion that occurs.

Please see our FAQ page as this may answer some of your questions.

Happy plunging!








Our goal: $40,000.00
Total raised this year: $17,177.95

We are at 42.9% of our goal!

  Community Leader Board


Participant Amount
Anita Sunday$2480.00
Carson Watson$1520.40
Mike Richardson$1365.00
Ian Read$865.00
Greg Parris$825.00
Nicole Van Stone - Mascherin$790.00
Caley Bedore$685.00
Lindsay Biscaia$590.00
Steve James$350.00
Ashley Hannah$325.00
Kim Whynot$325.00
Alex Darmonkow$315.00
Jenna Gabourie$305.00
Devon Leahy$300.00
Debbie Carriere (Robinson)$290.00
Josh Knott$250.00
Anna Perry$250.00
Wanda Prince$225.00
Carly Anderson$225.00
Chelsey McGowan$200.00

Top Teams

Team Amount
Richardson Rim Rockers$1365.00
Ice Ice Baby$1327.55
Savage North$825.00
The Tragically Dip$815.00
Lovesick Lake Native Women's Association$790.00
PNLP Ice Warriors$695.00
TD Frozen Assets$650.00
Cystic Fibrosis Annihilators $590.00
Fly free$500.00
Rotaract Club of Peterborough$390.00
Doin it for Noel$350.00
Hockey people $125.00
Minor Bantam AA$75.00

Additional Information Regarding Pledges

The suggested minimum donation is $20.00, but we appreciate any contribution you can make. Plungers are required to raise a minimum of $200.00 each in order to plunge. 

All donation amounts are shared between the participant or team's registered charity of choice (50%) and the Rotary Club of Bridgenorth-Ennismore-Lakefield (50%)

All donations are made in Canadian Dollars (CAD) Minimum donation required for a charitable receipt is $50.00.

There are no refunds on any donations made.


2020 Major Sponsors






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