How many Safe Nights at YWCA Crossroads Shelter can we make possible? 






Our goal: $95,000.00
Total raised this year: $74,466.28
Number of Safe Nights: 1151

We are at 78.4% of our goal!

  Community Leader Board


Participant Amount
Tom Mortlock$2672.20
Craig Mortlock$1768.95
John Bennett$1183.60
Lynn Zimmer$1164.65
Jennifer Chadwick$1105.65
Robert Runnett$1000.00
Sarah Koschman$963.95
Ravi-Inder Soligo$800.00
John Gillis$764.65
Kevin Whitmore$699.30
Marion Modrow$650.00
John D'Altoe$573.55
mary mccall$537.90
Fergal O'Hagan$493.95
April Felske Anderson$454.30
Mike Whibbs$418.95
Tom Reburn$400.00
Anne Arnold$369.30
Filip Tombak$354.30
Kelly Zatorski$353.95

Top Teams

Team Amount
MortWALK Construction Inc.$5241.15
Team YWCA$2797.20
Holy Cross Hurricanes$2157.15
Innovation Cluster$1498.60
Team Trent$1418.25
S.K. Pickens Law$1073.60
Delta Bingo & Gaming$1000.00
TeamSwish $973.25
Team Scotiabank$913.20
Team CIBC$659.30
Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre$638.95
Seneca College$583.60
Leon's Furniture$534.65
Team Siemens$534.30
R J Brown$500.00
Shorelines Casinos Peterborough $479.30
Robinson Place$463.60
GHD Ltd.$374.30
St. Leonard’s Society of Peterborough $347.88
Trent Valley Honda $329.30
Abilities and Inclusion Movement-HUI/CPD & JA Ptbo$210.00
UE Twos in the Shoes$200.00
Team Middles $200.00
Count on Lower Two $200.00
Team Jilesen$189.65
Baker Tilly $184.65
Tri-County Community Support Services$154.30
Team KCU$125.00
LE1 Heart and Sole $100.00
Peterborough Inn and Suites$50.00
Peterborough Police $25.00

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