YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Leader Board

This year's goal is to raise $137,880 - enough to provide 3,000 Safe Nights to women and children fleeing abuse.

Safe Nights Save Lives!

1 Safe Night at YWCA Crossroads Shelter costs $45.96 (beyond what government funding provides) and includes everything a woman or child will need: a warm, private room, nutritious meals, onsite counselling, fresh linens and pajamas, personal care essentials, resources and referrals, post-shelter counselling support, the tools to build a new life, and more!

#HowManySafeNights will you make possible?







Our goal: $137,880.00
Total raised this year: $3,099.61
Number of Safe Nights: 67

We are at 2.2% of our goal!

  Community Leader Board


Participant Amount
Craig Mortlock$916.92
Joel Dundas$246.95
Darren Kahler$175.00
Gregory Greavette$170.00
Nicola Hampson$140.00
Jordan Busch$105.00
Michelle Cameron$100.00
Monika Carmichael$100.00
David Smith$100.00
Erica Brier$98.95
Sandy Gemmiti$91.92
Rencee Noonan$85.00
Kevin Whitmore$75.00
Wendy Hicks$71.95
Joe Muldoon$50.00
Lynda Craven$45.96
Tiffany McGill$25.00
cathy alton$25.00
Rodney from Electric city Special Needs Hockey Marois$25.00

Top Teams

Team Amount
MortWALK Construction Inc.$916.92
Landsdowne Place $486.95
PVNC Human Resource Services$330.00
Trent Valley Honda$200.00
Leon's Furniture Peterborough$160.00
Merrett's Sweet Dreams$136.92
Trent University$125.00
Voices That Conquer$98.95
Robinson Place $91.92
YWCA Board of Directors$71.95
Holy Cross Hurricanes$25.00
Shorelines Slots at Kawrtha Downs$20.00
The Protectors Group$20.00