YWCA Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Leader Board

Safe Nights Save Lives!

1 Safe Night at YWCA Crossroads Shelter costs $45.96 (beyond what government funding provides) and includes everything a woman or child will need: a warm, private room, nutritious meals, onsite support, fresh linens and pajamas, personal care essentials, resources and referrals, post-shelter support, the tools to build a new life, and more!

#HowManySafeNights will you make possible?







Our goal: $138,339.00
Total raised this year: $139,157.40
Number of Safe Nights: 3027

We are at 100.6% of our goal!

  Community Leader Board


Participant Amount
Tom Mortlock$6039.48
Craig Mortlock$5778.96
Tom Reburn$3472.88
Scott McDermott$3000.00
Larry Toupin$2687.18
John Bennett$1510.76
Sarah Myles$1391.92
Jamie Fligg$1313.45
Lauren McGee$1100.00
Fergal O'Hagan$1011.52
Anne Arnold$985.76
Ravi-Inder Soligo$895.96
Mike Marino$880.00
Michael Andrews$781.92
Nick Duley$760.76
Warren DeMarsh$750.00
Barry McNair$640.00
Ian Almond$630.96
Cole McCall$591.92
Jeff Lingard$475.00

Top Teams

Team Amount
MortWALK Construction Inc.$15222.28
Leon's Furniture$4269.60
Robinson Place$3534.97
R.J. Brown Insurance Brokers Peterborough$3000.00
Team YWCA$2603.08
Shorelines Slots at Kawartha $2588.84
Holy Cross Hurricanes$1909.40
Collins Barrow Kawarthas$1724.60
Adaptive Health Care Solutions$1514.40
The Innovation Cluster$1366.92
Team Siemens$1366.72
GHD Ltd.$1082.56
Peterborough Sales & Ad Club$1044.16
Team CIBC$975.00
LOCS Regional Network$781.92
Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre$655.76
Team Honda$630.56
LCS Strutters$565.96
Lansdowne Place $426.92
Team Jilesen$363.84
TEAM PHS$353.84

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