Hike for Hospice Heroes: Meet Shannon Kelly

When Shannon Kelly’s husband, Jamie, received a palliative cancer diagnosis, Jamie and Shannon couldn’t help but think of their young children.

“We wanted to do this right.” Shannon said. After receiving advice from Hospice Peterborough’s supportive care team, they created legacy pieces that will help keep the boys connected to their father as they move through the milestones of their own lives.

Jamie recorded himself reading a book so they could hear his voice. He wrote cards for birthdays, high school graduations, weddings, his first grandchild, and more. He found a way to support his children at these times, without physically being there.

Jamie died on July 25, 2022. Shannon, Jamie, and her young boys gathered on the single medical bed (a “dog-pile of love” Shannon called it) and said their last goodbyes.

Pictured above: Shannon, Jamie, and their two young boys. 

Despite her grief, Shannon was still determined to participate in Hospice Peterborough’s Hike for Hospice fundraiser, suggesting support for Hike for Hospice in lieu of flowers in Jamie’s obituary. For her hike, Shannon rowed 1km for every $100 raised and ended up putting in 82 kilometers on her rowing machine in a single day after raising over $8,200 before the big event. More donations came in during the day bringing her total to $8,585 claiming the spot of top fundraiser. “I may be a bit competitive.” She laughed.

With demand for services growing, and government support only covering a portion of Hospice Peterborough’s operating budget, funds raised through Hike for Hospice will allow us continue to be there for families, like Shannon’s, who are facing life-threatening illness, grief, and needing bereavement supports. 

This is the power of our annual fundraiser Hike for Hospice.

We rely on Hike for Hospice – the only fundraising event that has continued without interruption throughout COVID-19 – to be able to continue to offer end-of-life, grief and bereavement support to our community.

With almost 40,000 grief & palliative interactions, 2,160 clients supported in the last year, and an overall increase of 40% in clients served since 2018, chances are you know someone that has been impacted by the work of Hospice Peterborough.


Join hundreds of Hike participants that have contributed their time and efforts over the years in supporting Hospice Peterborough by participating in Hike for Hospice 2023.