Welcome to the Polar Plunge for BEL Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Bridgenorth-Ennismore-Lakefield

Rotary Club of Bridgenorth Ennismore Lakefield, Inc.
The 42th Annual Polar Plunge!


1) Where and when does the Polar Plunge take place?

The 42nd Polar Plunge will take place virtually, between February 6-13th, 2022. Participants are encouraged to tape their "plunge" experience, and submit the video to belrotary@gmail.com. We will be displaying the videos on our youtube channel! 

Need some ideas for your virutal plunge? 

  • Snow angels in your bathing suite / plunge costume
  • Fill a kiddy pool with cold water and take a swim
  • Get a bucket of cold water thrown on you while you endure the cold outside

Get creative! And, whatever you do, please be safe! 


2) What's the theme of this year's Polar Plunge?

Our 2022 theme is "Back to the Plunge". It's inspired by the movie Back to the Future! Consider the theme when you're planning your plunge video. 

3) How do I sign up to jump?

It's easy! Just go to http://www.belrotaryplunge.com/sign-up.php and fill in your particulars. 

Once you are signed up and have logged in, you can update your personal profile information 

and upload a photograph of yourself.

4) How do I sponsor a jumper?

Just as easy! Search for the participant (or team) you wish to sponsor right here: 



5) How old do I have to be to jump?

Since we're virtual, kids of all ages are welcome to participate in the virtual plunging. 


If we were jumping into chemong this year, the minimum age is 12 years old. 12- 16 year olds MUST be accompanied by an adult.


6) Do I have to be local to participate? 

No. Because the 2022 plunge is virtual, you don't need to be local to participate! This is a great way to raise funds for a charity of your choice, and raise awareness. We encourage participation from anywhere in the world. 


7) I've signed up to jump. Now what?

Now the real work begins! Tell all of your family and friends to support you! 


8) Where does my sponsorship money go?

Plungers will raise pledges for the charitable organization of their choice. 

50% of the monies will be forwarded to the charity by the BEL Rotary Club. 

The remaining 50% will be used by BEL Rotary to support Rotary service and charitable projects. 

All pledge monies will be collected and given to BEL Rotary officials upon registration at
the event.

If you still have any questions, please contact: Mike Richardson 705-872-1624


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